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Effective and responsive peer review in an age of social distancing

WEBINAR: A collaborative approach to recovery

We believe in the power of collaboration. That's why we’re developing training and guidance for school partnerships to enable peer review and collaborative approaches to continue to be sustainable and impactful in an age of social distancing – and support Covid-19 recovery.

It’s been a pleasure to witness the amazing work schools have done to adapt over the previous weeks. Schools have continued to collaborate – and in many cases worked together even more closely – since the start of the pandemic. The importance of harnessing collective perspective and validation has really come to the fore.

With conversations focused on the immediate and most pressing issues, as we re-open fully and new routines and ways of working begin to settle, schools across the country are refocusing on recovery and tackling the long-term ramifications of the disruption to their pupils' lives and learning.

Schools currently participating in robust peer review within partnerships already know how powerful it is to confront and dig into challenging problems with a collective will and purpose. And now, possibly more than ever, schools across the country will be working on overcoming many of the same obstacles, at the same time.

Our expert Associates, in consultation with schools, LA and MAT leaders, are modifying the Schools Partnership Programme to deepen, develop and sustain effective school-led collaborative improvement in the new age of social distancing, whilst retaining core principles – SPP Covid Rapid Response.


Listen to one of our 30 minute webinars where we will introduce you to our development work exploring:

  • New enquiry questions around common Covid-19 themes, designed to help identify and address current and emerging challenges.
  • How to operate an effective online peer review cycle in your partnership and gather evidence remotely.
  • Approaches to facilitating blended or online Improvement Workshops and action planning, providing feedback and offering school to school support.

Led by Maggie Farrar, Lead Associate for the Schools Partnership Programme.

New to SPP or want a refresher on the SPP framework and philosophy?

Recorded 9th July, 2020 11:30AM

This short session is to help you understand how peer review and SPP training can continue and be a driving force, including new enquiry questions to support schools in their Covid-19 recovery.

Due to continue SPP training next term or completed training recently?

Recorded 9th July, 2020 10:30AM

This short session is to help you understand how your training and reviews will continue into the next academic year, and we'll introduce new enquiry questions to support schools in their Covid-19 recovery.

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