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A celebration of learning, legacy & growth

What next for our peer review community?

We always intended SPP to be a peer review model that builds capacity and capability within partnerships of schools to gradually take more responsibility for their own development and maturity and lead their own improvement. This session is open to anyone who has ever trained and practiced as SPP Peer Reviewers or Improvement Champions as part of the EEF evaluation to explore collectively how to build on the momentum we have created and sustain the SPP model of school-led improvement locally and nationally.

We hope that you are able to join in your partnership groups and invite as many colleagues as you can that have been involved in the process from your schools to date. This session is intended to be a celebration of the end of the EEF evaluation and all that you have achieved.

If you cannot make the suggested date for your partnership locale, you can still attend another session - please select the one most convenient for you.


Proposed regional groups to attend: Northants, Leics, Milton Keynes, Dorset, Richmond / Kingston

Thursday 18 November, 9.30am-11am

Proposed regional groups to attend: Trafford, Bury, Bolton, Warrington, Sheffield, Doncaster, York

Thursday 18 November, 2pm-3.30pm

Proposed regional groups to attend: Kent, East Sussex, Brighton & Hove

Wednesday 24 November, 9.30am-11am

Proposed regional groups to attend: Hampshire, Wokingham, West Berks, Barnet, Oxford

Wednesday 24 November, 2pm-3.30pm

If you are unsure of any of your partnership's upcoming workshop dates, contact us and we'll provide you with any dates or materials needed.

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