Case Study

"Peer review provides a backbone for the school improvement cycle."

​The Centurion Partnership is a group of 7 small primary schools who had worked collaboratively for many years, and were heavily involved with the School’s Partnership Programme from its pilot year.

The partnership has been seen improvements in areas for development that have been identified through the peer reviews. For example, at one school, work on spelling was an area identified for improvement. As a result of some of the improvements made, they saw a rise in standardised spelling scores from 62.2% with a standardised score above 100 to 90.4% by the end of the year.

In another school, there was a focus on Maths standards and these have improved over the 2 year period since the first review from below National to above National.

While acknowledging that outcomes for pupils is the main priority for peer review, the schools have shifted in the way that they collaborate and have deepened in maturity as a result.

One headteacher commented: “Peer review provides a backbone for the school improvement cycle…it is well organised and trusted by all stakeholders.”