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A tool to evaluate the impact of your collaborative partnerships

Partnership Evaluation and Development Tool

Education Development Trust is delighted to be able to offer the Partnership Evaluation and Development Tool, co-created with Essex Leaders, to all schools across Essex.

An online platform designed to be intuitive, flexible and easy to use, it:

  1. enables partnerships of schools to evaluate the impact of their collaborative school improvement activities
  2. helps establish a dialogue and way of working that builds challenge, support, trust and partnership development
  3. generates useful information that helps partnerships make best use of their resources and guides improvement

To arrange a ‘getting started workshop’ for your partnership in the Autumn term on how to get the most out of the tool, and to arrange access, contact Sally Relfe, Education Operations Advisor: Sally.Relfe@essex.gov.uk

Partnership and Evaluation Tool overview

To view a full overview of this tool, please watch the video below where Maggie Farrar leads the Essex school leaders through the features and benefits of the system.

Need help?

Contact Sally Relfe, Education Operations Advisor, to arrange access to the tool and a short workshop for your partnership in the Autumn term on how to get the most out of it.

E: Sally.Relfe@essex.gov.uk

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