Webinars and events WEBINAR: SPP Rapid Response training session

A collaborative approach to recovery

WEBINAR: SPP Rapid Response training session

This training session will dig into the principles that underpin our Rapid Response model, offering the support, tools and guidance to all SPP partnerships so that they can continue to conduct peer review either fully or partially online, with a focus on recovery and the challenges all schools are currently facing.

As a school already participating in robust peer review within a partnership, you know how powerful it is to confront challenging problems together. And now, possibly more than ever, schools across the country will be working on overcoming many of the same obstacles, at the same time, often at speed. In what will no doubt be a challenging year ahead, we would like to help partnerships of schools who are committed to SPP peer review and its core principles, not only to sustain, develop and mature their practice but also to adapt, and tap into the collective learning and lived experiences of colleagues, both locally and nationally.

We are offering this training to all past and present SPP Partnerships free of charge and is in addition to any other SPP training that your school may be due to receive.


Join us for this 90-minute session where we will discuss:

+ SPP Rapid Response: what is it, why is it useful, when and how might you use it and what's important to consider.

+ Experiences and feedback from our community of SPP Partnerships.

+ Covid-19 and the Recovery Curriculum enquiry questions.

+ How you think we can support you to continue to harness the power of peer review.

+ Guidance co-produced with our London CLC team on Facilitating Virtual Workshop sessions.

Led by Niki Thomas, Associate for the Schools Partnership Programme, who will be joined by Heidi Price, Headteacher, Yealmpstone Farm Primary School (29th Sept) and Dr James Lane, SPP Associate and Executive Headteacher, St Francis de Sales & St Joseph's Primary Schools (8th Oct).

There is a choice of two dates to attend this webinar. The same programme will be presented on both days. Select a date and register below: 

I want to attend the session on 29 September, 4pm-5.30pm


I want to attend the session on 8 October, 9.30am-11am
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