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In your area

In your area

Local area partnerships

We work strategically with local systems to help embed a partnership-based, school-led, sustainable approach to school improvement.

In many cases, those we work with take a strategic lead in the development of the Schools Partnership Programme and act as a local provider to support established partnerships and those just getting to know the programme.

Here you can find out more about our local area activity. Don't worry if your area is not  covered here - we offer training to schools all over the country and internationally. Get in touch with the central team via the contact page.

Essex County Council


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If you'd like to know more about our work in Essex, contact us.

SPP’s model of peer review has become central to the ambition in Essex to be a partnership-based, self-improving system, while as an SPP Associate, Assistant Director of Education Nicola Woolf plays a significant part in developing and delivering the programme both within Essex and elsewhere.

“Now, more than ever, schools need each other. There has never been a more challenging period in education and the collaborative nature of peer review in Essex has had benefits, not only with school improvement, but also creating networks of support for school leaders.”

Click here to read a case study about our work with Essex County Council: Our stories.


Greater Manchester

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If you'd like to know more about our work in Greater Manchester, contact us.

SPP has become part of Focus-Trust's DNA in terms of continuous improvement at both school and Trust level, while as Strategic Partners, CEO Helen Rowland and her inspirational school leaders play a vital and significant role in helping us develop our programme and approach.

"Being part of SPP has given us a structure to ensure that peer review has greater impact on school improvement through more rigorous self-review and effective school-to-school support."

Click here to read a case study about our work in Greater Manchester: Our stories.

Kyra Teaching School Alliance


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If you'd like to know more about our work in Lincolnshire, contact us.

Kyra is dedicated to delivering a sector-led school improvement system where no child is left behind. All 65 schools within the Kyra alliance have engaged in SPP and they have successfully embedded school-to-school support.

Lesley Coulthurst, Head of the Alliance, is a key strategic advisor to SPP and works with us to maintain the pace, rigour and efficacy of peer review both within the alliance and beyond.

"SPP peer review has armed our Kyra Alliance school partners with a rigorous school improvement process by which to anchor ourselves through purposeful invitational collaboration. Leaders use the SPP model to confidently articulate the impact of strategic interventions within their schools, and through the process to develop future leaders, crucial to Kyra's succession planning pathway."

Click here to watch a video case study about our work with Kyra and a Lincolnshire Trust: Our stories.

Pickwick Learning Teaching School Alliance


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If you'd like to know more about our work in the Wiltshire area, contact us.

Amy Tapscott, our regional lead for Wiltshire, is the Director at Pickwick Learning Teaching School Alliance (PLTSA), who are leading the way in peer review in the Wiltshire area. They are committed to self-sustaining school-to-school improvement, with nine schools within the alliance taking part in the Schools Partnership Programme.

Plymouth Teachers and Schools Alliance


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If you'd like to know more about our work in the Plymouth area, contact us.

In Plymouth, 40% of the city’s schools are involved in cross-phase, cross-MAT peer review and Ruth Woodhouse, Director of Plymouth TSA, supports schools to embed SPP and develop trustful relationships across schools, creating a culture of collaboration. Headteachers in Plymouth have been key in co-developing and testing SPP virtual peer review.

"We have a fully trained, experienced team of NLE/LLE/SLEs in Plymouth that has been involved with SPP peer review for a number of years. The SPP approach and materials have provided an excellent framework for developing and supporting many Plymouth schools."

Click here to read a case study about our work with Plymouth TSA: Our stories.

East London

East London

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If you'd like to know more about our work in East London, contact us.

Experienced headteacher and SPP facilitator Steve Wilks has been integral to the development and delivery of SPP in East London, firstly as part of the Seven Kings Partnership of Schools where he served as a headteacher working with other schools to embed SPP into ways of working.

Steve now coordinates the peer review cycles for the Partnership and has introduced SPP to other schools in nearby boroughs, including 18 primary schools in Redbridge where he has helped them to embed collaborative practice and peer review into the school improvement cycle.

Click here to read a case study about our work in this area of East London: Our stories.

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